Contact and Directions

Mystic Banana is located about 12 km from the city of Armenia amidst banana and coffee plantations.
Far enough that you will feel in the middle of nowhere yet a jeep ride away from civilization.

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In the Hills of Armenia, Coffee Region of Colombia

Board a Willyz in Calarca
Typical old Navy jeeps loaded with merchandise and locals

How to get here

From anywhere in Armenia

Take a bus to CALARCA LA GALERIA – Approx. 15 -20minutes                         2100 pesos per person

On the left, pic of the area from Calarca to Mystic Banana.

On the right, a map of Calarca with jeep location, supermarket, street vendors…

In Calarca La Galeria

Communal jeep GRANADA (pic on right)                                                   Leaves at 4 PM

6 500 pesos per person

If you wish to come earlier, you may charter a private jeep for 40 000 pesos or take a mototaxi for 12 to 15 000 pesos (phone numbers listed on the pics above)

Do not take a taxi

Below are other options with hourly jeeps + 45 mn hike

Willyz old Navy jeeps typical of the coffee region

Drivers and passenger will probably say “Natalia’s ?” when they see you

They do not know the place as Mystic Banana.

Get off at Las Mirlas. Walk down a dirt path for 150meters.                                Pass between the 2 houses. Continue the dirt path down another 200 meters

Trail sign Go down down down
Hourly Jeep + 45 mn Hike

Jeeps leaving every hour (fewer on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Take the Jeep QUEBRADA NEGRA.        

3 700 pesos per person.

Get off at LA CHICHONERA. Hike all the way to the sign Las Mirlas. Walk down, pass the 2 houses, follow the path another 200 m.

Wood fire cooking
Bring Food With You

If you can help me start a fire then we can cook on wood burner

It is best to bring everything you will need as the food forest is not yet operational. For emergency, i have items for sale (pasta, tuna, oil, condiments, beers)

There is a small village (45 mn walk) with a bakery, cheese, sometimes veggies and WIFI

Lemon tree
A faster way when you leave

Upon leaving, you will be able to either catch the 6AM or 4PM jeep at the top ofthehill                                                  OR Walk down about 30 mn and catch the hourly jeeps.

You cannot come up this way though because you would not be able to spot the entrance.                                    Leaving however is not a problem