Your donations make all the difference

A few dollars or pesos, books, used equipment, advice for the blog,

Your generosity is deeply appreciated and helps the project get further each time so thank you to all of you

How can your contribution help ?


Yoga platform, Solar oven
Rocket mass oven and pizza oven
Rain water collection
New roof, Underground cellar
Kitchen extension


Solar panels
Sugar cane processing

Build a library to study

Alternative therapies, Medicinal plants
Chinese medicine, Ayurveda
Metaphysics, Quantum physics
Meditation, Chakras, Crystals
Reiki, Feng shui, Yoga
Eco construction
Permaculture, Clean energy


If you have used equipment you are not using, we could definitely use it here

External hard drives

to help develop the blog

This year's contributors

  • Thanks to Rick from the US who is always helping me with geek stuff to set up the blog
  • Thanks to Brian from the UK who not only offered a substantial amount but also a used smartphone. I will now be able to post on instagram and shoot videos for youtube and facebook about what we are doing here
  • Thanks to Ruth from Belgium. I had not cut my hair since i moved here 7 years ago so it had reached my butt crack. With New Year i decided it was time to change that. I grabbed a pair of scissors and make a carnage. As the law of attraction would have it, 4 days later came Ruth, a professional hairdresser who repaired the best she could the mess i had made, Thanks also for her financial contribution
  • Thanks to Hadrien from France who made a financial contribution
  • Thanks to Janka and Andrea from Slovakia who made a financial contribution and helped with their time and energy as well
  • Thanks to G. from the US who gets my mail so i don’t have to pay for a P.O Box

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