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Building a yoga platform

The structure is already in place but needs some work.
The bottom part built in bricks is the area where farmers gather the collected coffee to be processed.
The top floor needs to be reinforced as well as building a new roof structure and floors.
The final product will give an open air platform with spectacular views of the valley below and surrounding banana farms.
Underneath, we will have room for bamboo huts overlooking the valley, next to the hot tub and sweat lodge, to be built as well.
An eco spa retreat in the jungle.
For now, we do our meditation practice in the inside lounge as well as some basic yoga stretch.

outdoor cinema

For now we watch documentaries on a laptop in the lounge.
Outside there is already the outline of the cinema dug in the earth, about 5 meters long.
Benches will need to be coated with waterproof clay and cushions.
We will then buy a video projector.

Rain water collection

Rain gutters and natural pond
A bicycle washing machine
A poulie system to get the fresh spring water into the kitchen
A beer can solar panel for the showers
A grey water recycling system

Extensive Library

More than 20 000 PDFs to print.
Books on Meditation, Yoga, Chakras, Aromatherapy, essential oils, Reiki, Vegetarian Cookng, Arts and Crafts.

Sweat lodge-Spa cabana

A wood fired sweat lodge
A wood fired hot tub
The spa cabana is already up but needs some work as well as its surroundings.
We can then have massages and facial treatments with lotions made with our own herbs growing on the land. Next to it is a very large basin to be used as a pool.

Growing a food forest

There are already about 100 cacao trees on the land.
I stopped collecting and maintaining the coffee trees as paying local workers to pick it up was more costly than what I could sell it in town for.
I would like to maintain some coffee trees for our own consumption as well as for use in the spa.
There was a worldwide decease on banana trees so now I have to replant new ones
I am learning to grow garlic, parsley, basil, cilantro, mint, onions, ginger, bellpepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, salads, spinach, cauliflower, passion fruits, pineapples, papayas.
Then I want to plant thyme, rosemary, lavender, cumin, turmeric, aloe vera.

material to explore creativity

Music instruments like guitars, drums, flute, harmonica, bongos are already available.
Looking to get more tools and materials so we can experiment with painting, drawing, pottery, ceramic, clay, video editing, wood working, knitting, sawing, making jewelry with beads and macramé

Cooking Equipment

The wood fire burner is now just a few rocks on the ground
Plans are being made to build a rocket mass/pizza oven
A kitchen extension to hold workshops to learn how to make cheese, butter, yogurt, bread.
We will build a machine to process sugar cane we have on the land and extract its juice, a machine to extract cacao oil and make cacao butter so we can make homemade chocolate, a butter churn, an underground cellar function as a natural fridge.

Chicken co op

Build an enclosure for chickens so we can get fresh organic eggs


Get a couple of goats so we can make our own goat cheese

Have a papaya tree grown in your name, with updates and pictures, an avocado tree, a    banana tree, a pineapple plant, a tomato plant, a basil plant, you name it, whatever you wish      to see grow, i will find the seeds and it will be your own virtual project.   


You may donate
- Once. Any amount.
- Make recurring contributions.
- Credit card, no fee bank transfer in $, euro using only an email, paypal.

Donate discarded items

We will gladly give a new life to items
you no longer have use for:
- Electronics
- Tools
- Books
- Clothing (we can use them for painting)
- Anything you can think of, we can
recycle into arts and crafts

Help spread the word

Word of mouth is the best advertising.
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