Great spots to check out in Switzerland

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Planning a week end to Switzerland ?

You will find here a few spot to discover written by a guest who stayed here
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Some facts about Switzerland

Switzerland is located in Central Europe bordering France to the West, Italy to the South, Austria to the East and Germany to the North.


Only one hostel
Close to Murren, you take a gondola (cable lift) to town (200 people)

No cars, no motorbikes

Nothing to do but hike

On a clear day, go to Sherlthorn. See if the owner of the hostel would ask her friend if you can stay in his barn. You will sleep on hay mounds with the sound of cows and their bells under you

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The italian speaking part of Switzerland.
The Southern and hottest part of the country


Swim in

  • LAGO MAGGIORE in the summer
  • in the crystal clear river in the VALLE MAGGIA or VALLE VERZASCA


  • Film Festival in LOCARNO the first two weeks of August. Very interesting and the city is full of people and things to do
Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Nice place by the lake facing the Alps.


  • Museum Olympic

Explains the story and culture of the Olympics. Very modern and interactive.

You can rent a bike by the lake

  • Walk through the streets of the old city to the Cathedral which is worth visiting
  • Chocolate artisanal

Blondel is one of the many shops in town

  • Take a train to Montreux then another one to Rocher de Naye

Mountain with a wonderful view of the lake and the region

Image by SofieLayla Thal from Pixabay

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