Tips for surviving tourists traps in Venice

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I love Venice and it’s always a pleasure to visit alone or with friends.

A few years ago I was part of a group of volunteers of an American air force base and some of them asked me to walk them around
the city…

That’s the first time I noticed how different Venice was with tourists.

Yesterday I was there too and after seeing a few behaviors I really don’t like as a traveler, I want to share some tips for an easy and cheaper experience in one of the most expensive but beautiful places
on earth :), tips for surviving the tourists’ traps in Venice


If you have a car and want to use it, my advice is to park in Venezia Mestre and from there take the train to Venezia Santa Lucia.
If I have to be honest, train is always the best solution when it comes to Venice.

It’s cheaper if you book a high speed train in advance, you will have a discount if you are under 26 (so ask at the high speed train info desk… These sort of discount are limited so sooner you book the better).

There is also a private high speed train called Italo that has a lot of last minute tickets for reasonable price.

Once there, if you don’t want to walk, you have a few options.

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

Water taxi or the common ferry service. One ride is 7,50 € (yep, insane) for 75 minutes.
That’s why I suggest you, if you are not a fan of long walks, to consider a daily ticket (there are also a 2 days, 3 days and 7 days tickets).
1 day = 20 €
2 days = 30 €
3 days = 40 €
7 days = 60 €

If you plan to visit the most iconic Islands around Venice (Murano, Burano and Torcello) the ticket is 27 €.


Sea food is a must try in Venice, I get it. But if you want to try something cheaper and very typical, look out for “Cicchetti”.
These are not so small bites of typical venetian food on a bruschetta. Best way to have it is with a glass of wine.
My favorite wine is white wine … Sparkling or not, I love it 😉 for a different kind of Aperitivo you can ask for a Hugo instead of a spritz.

Cheap, tasty and unknown to tourist… Such a pity!
If you want to know more just type “Bacaro tour” and cicchetti veneziani on Google 🙂

My favorite restaurant is a bit expensive
 “Osteria Ae Forcoe”. 
(picture on the right)

Very good restaurants also are Bar all’arco and Osteria alla ciurma.

Try the fruits at the local markets, you won’t regret it .

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

San Marco's Square

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

Having a coffee there is an experience and even if expensive I would suggest you to do it.

If you plan to go up to the Cathedral you can, but for me the best view is from the bell tower. 8 € only and you will see Venice at 360°. Usually the line is shorter than the one for going inside of the cathedral.

Free view of Canal Grande

Behind Rialto Bridge there is a luxurious mall called Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

If you go inside there is an elevator that will lead you to their terrace from where you can enjoy the view for free.

The access is for small groups, each group will stay 15 minutes. If people are a lot they will give you a ticket with the hour you can go to the terrace

Not very touristic area

If you love history and want to discover a dark part of Venice during World War II, consider visiting the Ghetto, an area where Jewish people where forced to stay.

12 € will get you entrance to the museum and visit to 3 of the 5 synagogues in Venice.
Definitely worth a visit.

Library Acqua Alta

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

One of the most beautiful library in the world.

A must visit.

You will find cheap postcards and vintage souvenirs.

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

Luggage Storage

If you travel with luggage and don’t have a hotel to stay, right outside the train station there is a
place where you can leave them form 9am to 7pm for 5 €.

Theatre lover?

The Fenice will be open for visit and for 11 € you can tour inside.
Shows are a bit pricey but if you want to have a Theatre experience in Venice, consider the Malibran Theatre (I booked a ballet there and paid 25 €).
EDIT (Thank you @Alice Graziadei)
Tips for the Fenice: if you are in Venice for a few days and you want to see the theatre, ask at the ticket office if and when you get to see the rehearsal. It’s not like seeing the whole show of course, but you can sit on the balcony seats and enjoy the people sing 🙂 same price as the normal visit!

Photography Anna Lisa Bertolla

Restaurants by the water

Image by Ian Wilson from Pixabay

– If you want to dine near the water in a cozy atmosphere, turn right at the train station.

Cross the Constitution bridge, turn left and walk until you find the perfect place.

Some of those restaurant are very cute and because you are not in San Marco’s Square prices are reasonable!

– If you want to try something more fancy (but I can’t tell you if the food is good or bad because I’ve never tried it!)

Just turn left from San Marco Square and explore.

Those are more touristic places but the view is pretty!

These restaurants by the water are not cheap, I went there the night my hubby proposed and for other occasions

For one night you can spoil yourself a bit

* La Porta d’Acqua. Be sure to ask for a table outside. They have tables right in front the Canal Grande.
* Ombra del Leone. This is near San Marco Square and you have the possibility to have a table outside or on the Terrace.
* Club del Doge. PRICEY
̖̖̖ but they have a terrace right into the Canal Grande. What a view.
* Ristorante Al Vagon. Typical venitian food. Table outside near the water, but not on the main Canal.
* Al Giardinetto di Severino. Not on the water, but one of the few restaurant in Venice where you can eat in a garden with a roof of vineyards. The inside of this restaurant is a 1300 Deconsecrated chapel.

– If you want something different, consider having a meal in Murano…there are cute little restaurants and bars alongside the water there too!

Hope these are enough for you to choose your favorite!

When is the best time to visit Venice ?

Hope I was a bit helpful.
Don’t let bad people fool you with things too expensive!

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