Once a month I hold retreats, usually around the full moon.
During the rest of the month, you can register for a private workshop on the days of your choosing.
If you do not want either, you can always come here and relax in paradise.
The place is secluded and the only noise you will hear are jungle sounds.
You can read (physical library as well as PDF library are available),
Meditate with me, do yoga (yoga mats available),
Relax and enjoy the view in the hammocks,
Go on a hike
Cook over wood burner, shower in nature
Disconnect and recharge your batteries
Optional, if you have been traveling for a while and are in need of physical exercise, there are machetes available to blaze a trail in the jungle or cut things off or dig with a shovel. Many have offered to help this way and enjoy it very much. But like i said, it is totally optional. You are free to do as much or as little as you want and feel like

Please no walk ins. Contact me for a resa

How Do I Get here ?

Mystic Banana is located about 12 km from the city of Armenia in Quindio amidst banana and coffee plantations.
Surrounded by lush nature, bamboo forests, cacao trees and so much more
Far enough that you will feel in the middle of nowhere yet a jeep ride away from civilization.
GPS 4.429434 -75.678796


  • Take a communal jeep better known here as Willyz at 4PM – 7000 pesos per person, It will leave you at the top of the hill, then walk down about 300 meters – Blue loop on the map below
  • Charter a private jeep – 40 to 45000 pesos for the jeep
  • Take a moto taxi
  • Take the communal hourly jeep from the bottom loop – Purple loop. Then hike about 1 hour to reach the top of the hill and then walk down the 300 meters – 4000 pesos per person.


  • You will find moto taxi waiting in front of the supermarket PROGRESO
  • Moto taxis below charge about 12-15000 pesos per person
  • FELIZ                                          300 380 7322
  • CHRISTIAN                               320 311 9781
  • ANOTHER CHRISTIAN            312 805 0470
  • TOLI                                            313 749 4496
Following signs on the trail to access Mystic Banana


  • You can catch the 6 AM jeep from the top
  • You can hike 1 mile from the bottom of the land and catch the hourly jeeps.
  • Green loop on the map above
  • You could come up this way but the entrance of the land can easily be missed

From anywhere in Armenia, take a bus to CALARCA LA GALERIA, about 15-20 minutes (2300 pesos per person).

Here you will find street vendors, supermarkets, ATMs, wifi spot, bakeries, internet cafes…


at the supermarket PROGRESO in the parqueadero, loading dock area located at the back

Willyz old Navy jeeps typical of the coffee region


  • Look for the jeep GRANADA
  • Most certainly driver and passenger will know you are going to Natalia’s and will show you where to get off
  • Get off at LAS MIRLAS, right after Patio Bonito and before the school, Escuela
  • Walk down 100 meters, pass between the 2 houses
  • Follow the orange signs down the dirt path for about 200 meters
  • You’re here

                HOURLY JEEP WITH 1 HOUR HIKE                  (fewer on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

4000 Pesos per person

  • Take the jeep QUEBRADA NEGRA Purple loop
  • Get off at LA CHICHONERA where the paved road leads to a dirt path – Yellow path on the map
  • Follow the path until LAS MIRLAS, right after Patio Bonito and before the school. escuela
  • Walk down 100 meters, pass between the 2 houses
  • Follow the orange signs down the dirt path for about 200 meters
  • You’re here


40 to 45 000 pesos for the whole jeep

  • You will find drivers waiting by the jeeps during the day
  • Just tell them you’re going to Natalia’s
  • You can also call the following drivers. They can pick you up in the back lot, Parqueadero of the supermarket Progreso
  • EL ZORRO          311 639 8561
  • EL GATO            311 736 8076

COMING WITH YOUR OWN CAR – You will be able to park your car at my neighbor’s up the road who will watch over it for a tip.


Be aware that part of the way is a dirt road that gets muddy when it rains

There are no street lights so it is advised to arrive during day time

Trail sign Go down down down
Bring Food With You

If you can help me start a fire then we can cook on wood burner

It is best to bring everything you will need as the food forest is not yet operational. 

I have some items for sale (pasta, tuna, oil, condiments, beers) Also fresh ginger and cacao from the land

There is a small village (45 mn walk) with a bakery, cheese, sometimes veggies and WIFI

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As a Non Profit All Proceeds Go Towards

Maintaining and upgrading the facilities.
Growing a food forest.
Buying tools.
Buying arts and crafts supplies.
Building an extensive library to study medicinal plants, permaculture, eco construction, aromatherapy, the chakra system, ayurveda…
Building a yoga platform