Retreats and Workshops

What are the Retreats all about ?

We get wrapped up in our daily lives, we get swamped, we get overwhelmed.

We travel, we get caught up in the constant flow. We meet new faces, we make new friends, we learn new ways to see the world around us. We flirt with ideas we never had before

and moving around. Sometimes it is good to stop and ponder, to process. Time to reassess our priorities, time  to process. adjust, realign and refocus, time to put things into perspective and define where we want to be heading, how we want to redefine ourselves, re evaluate and redefine our priorities, what have we learned from our travels, our encounters, how do you integrate the lessons you ve learned into the new you, get a new perspective, set a new set of values and priorities

Do we want to go back to our previous lives ?
How do we integrate the adventures and experiences we’ve had lately

Do we want to change course ?

Too often we’re afraid to try because we’re afraid we’ll make mistakes but when we allow ourselves to be creative, to let our imagination run beyond our fears

We tap into our intuition

The more we tap into our intuition

The more we are in alignment with our purpose and that part of ourselves that sees the big picture like a bird’s eye view who sees on the other side of the hill what’s in store for us

Here you will take a break from the chaos and hectic pace of civilization, you will be able to recharge your internal batteries, disconnect from civilization, reconnect to nature, yourself and each other and this just a jeep ride away from the hostels in Armenia and Salento

You will meditate, explore and experiment with your own creativity, work on your subconscious mind through understanding the chakra system and the power of gratitude, get a clearer vision of your purpose through coaching and exercises, you will flush your body with family style dinners cooked over a bonfire and lemon cleanse

Retreats Overview

Tap Into Your Intuition

In a left brain society where emphasis is on logic, rational decision making, the right part of our brain is atrophied. When we develop our imagination, we develop the right side of our brain which controls our imagination, our intuition, the part of ourselves that sees the big picture, we tap into our internal power

The Art of Being Grateful

Our conscious minds and subconscious minds influence our world and the lives we create or wish to create so learning to mater the mind seems to be essential if we are to create and mold a life that reflects our wishes and desires


“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day unless you're too busy.
Then you should sit for an hour”

This is not your 6 AM hard core Vipassana meditation

Meditation can be unsettling at first and just like a muscle needs to be worked on and developed with time. It might even be the first time you will practice meditation

So we set aside some time to quiet down our minds and stay in the void for as long as we feel comfortable

Then we try to stay a little bit longer beyond the comfort zone

Each person exits the practice when they feel they are no longer in the zone

Buddha was asked –

What have you gained from meditation?

He replied “Nothing”

However, let me tell you what I have lost








Bringing Awareness to Our Subconscious

We are more than just our bodies and we are much more than what we see. We are energy fields that vibrate at a certain frequency. Our eyes and senses do not see these frequencies just as we do not see or sense infra red lights, wifi emissions, radio or television . Yet they do exists. We influence the vibrations we emit by how we feed our bodies and minds. Working and understanding the Chakra system allows us to understand where imbalances in our lives come from and how to remedy them


Cleanse and Detox

In a left brain society where emphasis is on logic, rational decision making, the right part of our brain is atrophied. When we develop our imagination, we develop the right side of our brain which controls our imagination, our intuition, the part of ourselves that sees the big picture, we tap into our internal power

Dream - Explore - Discover

Creativity can be expressed in many various ways

  • It can be expressed in painting, drawing
  • It can be expressed in writing and hand lettering
  • It can be expressed in music
  • I can be expressed in cooking
  • It can be expressed in photography
  • It can be expressed in the stillness of meditation using the power of our thoughts to create a new version of ourselves, a new expression of ourselves, an outcome we build with our focus
  • It can be expressed in gardening
  • It can be expressed in chopping and carving wood, turning bamboo into incense holders, candle holder, music instruments
  • It can be expressed in crafting macrame bracelets, dream catchers


What matters most is that we express ourselves in a way we never have before because it felt uncomfortable, uneasy or unfamiliar, to experiment the creative process

What should i expect to gain from this retreat ?

What You Can Expect From Me

I am a life long student, seeker, searcher, fundamentally passionate about the workings of the mind, the human psyche, its power, its resourcefulness, its capabilities, figuring out where we come from, why we’re here and what are we supposed to do, what is our mission as a human species, how did we evolve, what is our goal, what is our mission.

I have studied philosophy, psychology, astrology. metaphysics for many years, touched on quantum physics.

My goal is to share this with you

I believe in becoming the best version of ourselves which oftentimes means to first bring light to the subconscious mind and what lurks in the shadows

I believe we have massively chosen to incarnate in this area so we could bring the necessary changes so we could evolve into a new era, I mean, let’s face it, we cannot continue this way if we want to have a tomorrow worth living for. I believe it is our job and our duty to bring about this new age

I wish for you to have light bulb moments while you’re here

I wish for you to get insights about your life, your dreams, your passion

I wish for you to get a clearer idea of where to go next, what to do, what steps to take to follow your passion

Facilities and Surroundings

This place is magical and not only because I love it but it has triggered changes in some who have come here, having them face and come to terms with lingering issues or getting clear on what directions they wanted their lives to be heading, changing their majors once they went back home to study

The average year long temperature is about 22-25 degrees celsius so we fully take advantage of the outdoors

There are only 2 seasons here, what we call spring and winter aka rainy season

No noise but jungle sounds

Beautiful hikes and creeks to swim in

A 45 minute hike will take you to the small village of Quebrada Negra where you will find a bakery, wifi spot

To build an environment where we feel free to experiment with our creative potentials. To allow ourselves to make mistakes and then try again

A place to reconnect with the Simple Life

Bamboo huts, jungle showers

A jeep ride away from Armenia, the land is located on a cacao farm where you will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries, ground yourself in nature, meditate, work on your inner potentials


Sustainable Living

Learning to live on the land and become self reliant and self sufficient as much as possible revealed itself to be quite a challenge, especially when you’ve only lived in cities your entire life.

But as time went on and things got more organized, I wouldn’t have it any other way although there is still a lot to be done.

I learn about growing food, to build with local materials, to turn recycled items into arts and crafts, to harvest rain water, build a beer can solar panel, a solar oven, a rocket mass oven, natural fridge, bicycle washing machine and more …

What's included and
How much does it cost ?

New Moon July 3-6, 2019

INew Moons are the perfect time to start anything, to start a project or … a retreat.

Next Retreats
Next Retreat

September 3-6, 2019

What if I can't make it on that date ?

You can schedule a private retreat at any time, with a 2 day minimum notice but you will need to bring food with you as I will not have time to go to town to buy it. It is recommended to plan to stay at least 3 days, 5 would be ideal in order to get the full benefit of the retreat. Prices will vary slightly since you will bring the food but not that much ($ 35 instead of $40 per day) as you will be getting a private retreat so more attention and focus instead of group sharing

How Do I Get to The Retreat ?

Mystic Banana is located about 12 km from the city of Armenia in Quindio amidst banana and coffee plantations.
Surrounded by lush nature, bamboo forests, cacao trees and so much more
Far enough that you will feel in the middle of nowhere yet a jeep ride away from civilization.
GPS 4.429434 -75.678796


  • Take a communal jeep better known here as Willyz at 4PM – 7000 pesos per person, It will leave you at the top of the hill, then walk down about 300 meters – Blue loop on the map below
  • Charter a private jeep – 40 to 45000 pesos for the jeep
  • Take a moto taxi
  • Take the communal hourly jeep from the bottom loop – Purple loop. Then hike about 1 hour to reach the top of the hill and then walk down the 300 meters – 4000 pesos per person.


  • You will find moto taxi waiting in front of the supermarket PROGRESO
  • Moto taxis below charge about 12-15000 pesos per person
  • FELIZ                                          300 380 7322
  • CHRISTIAN                               320 311 9781
  • ANOTHER CHRISTIAN            312 805 0470
  • TOLI                                            313 749 4496
Following signs on the trail to access Mystic Banana


  • You can catch the 6 AM jeep from the top
  • You can hike 1 mile from the bottom of the land and catch the hourly jeeps.
  • Green loop on the map above
  • You could come up this way but the entrance of the land can easily be missed

From anywhere in Armenia, take a bus to CALARCA LA GALERIA, about 15-20 minutes (2300 pesos per person).

Here you will find street vendors, supermarkets, ATMs, wifi spot, bakeries, internet cafes…


at the supermarket PROGRESO in the parqueadero, loading dock area located at the back

Willyz old Navy jeeps typical of the coffee region


  • Look for the jeep GRANADA
  • Most certainly driver and passenger will know you are going to Natalia’s and will show you where to get off
  • Get off at LAS MIRLAS, right after Patio Bonito and before the school, Escuela
  • Walk down 100 meters, pass between the 2 houses
  • Follow the orange signs down the dirt path for about 200 meters
  • You’re here
On the jeep ride to Mystic Banana

                HOURLY JEEP WITH 1 HOUR HIKE                  (fewer on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

4000 Pesos per person

  • Take the jeep QUEBRADA NEGRA Purple loop
  • Get off at LA CHICHONERA where the paved road leads to a dirt path – Yellow path on the map
  • Follow the path until LAS MIRLAS, right after Patio Bonito and before the school. escuela
  • Walk down 100 meters, pass between the 2 houses
  • Follow the orange signs down the dirt path for about 200 meters
  • You’re here


40 to 45 000 pesos for the whole jeep

  • You will find drivers waiting by the jeeps during the day
  • Just tell them you’re going to Natalia’s
  • You can also call the following drivers. They can pick you up in the back lot, Parqueadero of the supermarket Progreso
  • EL ZORRO          311 639 8561
  • EL GATO            311 736 8076

COMING WITH YOUR OWN CAR – You will be able to park your car at my neighbor’s up the road who will watch over it for a tip.


Be aware that part of the way is a dirt road that gets muddy when it rains

There are no street lights so it is advised to arrive during day time

As a Non Profit All Proceeds Go Towards

Maintaining and upgrading the facilities.
Growing a food forest.
Buying tools.
Buying arts and crafts supplies.
Building an extensive library to study medicinal plants, permaculture, eco construction, aromatherapy, the chakra system, ayurveda…
Building a yoga platform