Getting Creative with Arts and Crafts

Getting Creative with Arts and Crafts

off the beaten path on a cacao farm

Surrounded by lush nature in the coffee region of Colombia

12KM/8 Miles from Armenia, Quindio

The Setting

Mystic Banana is located amongst coffee and banana plantations.
Far enough from the city to feel we are in the middle of nowhere, yet close enough to enjoy the view of city lights in the night sky.
We are located in the middle of a hill, surrounded by bamboo forests, cacao trees, goyave trees, passion fruits, banana trees, plantains, birds, fresh air.
With a year-long temperature of
22-25 degrees....
we take full advantage of the outdoors.

The Retreats

Here we reconnect with ourselves, each other, nature and a slower pace.
We learn to cook from scratch, farm to table as we grow our own food forest.
We learn how to grow herbs and veggies.
We meditate sitting directly on the Earth, in nature, to feel her energy, connect with her, ground ourselves.
Guided meditations will take you step-by-step.
We do light yoga moves.
We develop our imagination, intuition, as we create, paint, draw, make arts and crafts, garden, plant, cook
We visualize our dreams and goals.







Guided Meditations

Basic yoga stretch
Clear your mind
Gain focus and clarity
Ground yourself
Cleanse and align
Assess your goals
Your dreams
Set new priorities
Gain a fresh perspective on your objectives

Grounding workshops

Pick cacao directly from the trees and experience the process
Explore your creativity
Draw mandalas
Cut and paint on bamboo
Arts and Crafts
Plant a seed, a pineapple...
We prep and cook our meals together from scratch

Intermittent Fasting

11 AM - Large brunch with fresh fruits, oatmeal,
eggs, hash-browns,
lemon ginger drink
5 PM Family style dinner cooked over a wood fire burner with fresh
veggies, salads,
veggie burger..

Glamping in
Bamboo huts

Simple and down to earth setting
Shared Jungle showers
Outdoor kitchen
Hammocks, Vista, Hikes
Private bamboo hut
queen size bed
Private bamboo with
2 single beds
5 bed dorm bamboo hut

Day 1

From anywhere in Armenia,
you will need to take a bus to CALARCA-LA GALERIA
(about 15-20 minutes)

4PM - A communal old Navy jeep called Willyz will take you to the top of the hill.
You will then need to walk down about 300 meters on a downhill dirt path to make it here.We're in the middle of the hill

5PM-Arrival/Settling in

5:30PM-Introduction and Meditation

7PM-Family style dinner

Day 2

9:30AM-Ginger Lemon drink

10AM-Guided meditation

11AM - Brunch

12-2PM- An exercise will allow you to reflect upon certain aspects of your life.
We will then walk through
it together

2-4PM-Free time

4PM-Plant your own pineapple
or papaya tree or...

5PM-Family style dinner


Day 3

9:30AM-Ginger Lemon drink

10AM-Guided meditation

11AM - Brunch

12-2PM- An exercise will allow you to reflect upon certain aspects of your life.
We will then walk through
it together

2-4PM-Free time

4PM-Pick cacao pods directly from the tree and see the process

5PM-Family style dinner


Day 4

9:30AM-Ginger Lemon drink

10AM-Guided meditation

11AM - Brunch

12-2PM-We will draw
conclusions from what you have experienced, answer questions you may still have

4PM-You will catch the
communal jeep to take you back to Calarca

At any time, you also have the possibility to catch an hourly communal jeep with a 1.5km/1 mile downhill hike

What's included and what's not

Retreats include:
- Brunch, dinner, fruits.
- Lodging.
- Guided meditations.
- Workshops.
- Supplies (paint, bamboo, macrame strings).

Not included:
- Transportation to and from the retreat.
- Notebooks, pen, personal items


Payments on a donation basis.
We appreciate your generosity and everything helps to develop the project

Different options of lodging
- 5 Bed bamboo dorm
- Bamboo hut with 2 single beds
- Bamboo hut for 2 with queen bed

Shared outdoor bamboo showers
Communal kitchen with wood-fired oven

get in touch

Directly via whatsapp or facebook messenger

Secure your spot

As we have limited space, a deposit will be required.

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