8 Things To See and Do in Chile


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Chile is a 4,300 kilometer long – about 3000 miles – and an average of 175 kilometer wide – about 100 miles – long stretch of land in South America.

Chile borders Peru and Bolivia to the North and Argentina to the East

Planning to travel to Chile ? Don’t miss out on these cool things to do and see while you’re in Chile. This list was written by a guest who stayed here and wanted to share their experience.
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Spend one night in Puerto Natales.
You can rent your camping equipment and leave early in the morning for the National Park Torres del Paine
Do the W trek 3-4 days, it’s easy, fun and unforgettable


From Puerto Rio tranquillo to Puerto Varas
Amazing experience. There is no bus service here so the only way to go up is to hitch hike. Ir’s easy and you get to meet locals.
Try to stop at Puerto Rio Tranquillo and take a boat to see the Capillas de Marmol on the lake
On the way up, you can go to Isla Ghiloe – Ferries from / to Ghaiten and Puerto Montt


So many things to do there. Make sure you
– Book a rafting afternoon
– Climb the Villorica Volcano
– Enjoy the nightlife with locals and tourists


Hostel Po


Restaurant Rico Saigon – The owner Mae cooks simple, delicious and original recipes from Vietnam. The place is entirely built from recycled materials with lots of plants and flowers

After your trip to Chile, you will probably go to Argentina. If so, you might wanna check 50 places to see and things to do when you are traveling in Argentina

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