How to Get to la Candelaria From Bogota Bus Terminal

Transmilenio in Bogota

Transmilenio in Bogota

When you arrive at the bus terminal, most likely you will be told to wait in line to get a taxi but there is a much cheaper way that no one will tell you about it at the terminal

At the Bus Terminal


COST FOR A TAXI around 25 to 30 000 pesos

COST FOR TRANSMILENIO around 2000 pesos

Ask someone to show you where the main entrance of the terminal is

Exit through the main entrance and walk straight up on the main path

After about 10-15 minutes, you will reach the entrance of the TRANSMILENIO


TransMilenio is a rapid bus transit system with priority lanes

Buses are red and split in 2 sections with an accordion-like middle section

Stations are usually located in the center of the street accessed by an overpass bridge

At the entrance of the bridge or before entering the platform, you will see a booth where you can

Purchase a smart card

COST around 2000 COP

Recharge your card for each trip

COST around 2200 COP per trip

You can recharge it for the amount you want and the card will be debited each time you take a trip from your balance

Use this card to go through the turnstile


La Candelaria is the district where most hostels are located

Take the bus J 72 going to CENTRO HISTORICO – MUSEO DEL ORO

Get off at LAS AGUAS

Walking down you will see a water divider on the left

Cross the water divider and walk into the small streets

This is where you will start to see hostels



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